Mip Design Re-design/Re-branding

First I thought about a re-fresh or update of the current design, rather than going overboard, but I had a moment of creativity and everything got really serious. I decided to do a complete re-branding of Mip Design. That includes Mip Design Studio and Mip Design Themes.

The new design is a big change, with lots of improvements in usability and more suited to big screens.

WordPress powered

Both sites (studio & themes)  are powered by WordPress so I designed a great premium themes for them. Mip Design Themes will be launched today and Studio is due in a couple of days. With a completely different color scheme (hope you like it).

Html5 markup

The new site is built in HTML 5 and CSS 3, but I’m still polishing the css file to get it valid.

The coolest part about HTML5 is definitely its offline capabilities. Programs like Thunderbird and Outlook (and now GMail to an extent) let you browse through your old data while staying offline.

What about IE6?

What does it mean for IE6? I really don’t care and I didn’t even bother to test it. I have no problem with IE8, but I still think it’s on the end of browser chain.


There are always things I wish could have been different and there are still some more tweaks to do, but on the end I can honestly say I’m happy with the work I put into. The final result is in front of you and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.